I am not doing a very long post on this game as its quite straight forward, this game is awesome. The only problem is tht when you play multiplayer if you are on a cheap server you will lag alot!

Minecraft Pocket Edition- my little friend!

Well Terraria is basically quite similar to Junk Jack, yet quite different. This game is a side- scroller platfromer where the aim is to survive in a world of monsters. It has alot of action due to all of the boss mobs. The best thing about is that the tools in terraria do not break! Which is a great advantage of this game! There are loads of great materials and ores to build with. There are loads of different armor types to equip yourself with! All and all if I had to rate this game I would give a 9/10. So very good!


My first review is on a game called Junk Jack! It is a 2d sidescroller, sandbox game. It is very similar to minecraft but it is not a cheap rip off! It costs £2 on the app store yet not currently available on android! It is very fun to play but controls are a bit annoying. There are plenty mobs in Junk Jack, probably about triple the amount Minecraft has. This has been a review of Junk Jack! Hope you enjoyed!


Welcome to the new website called OmegasReviewz! Here I will do reviews for various games and discuss the outcome! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

A game from four4saken media called Block Fortress!